Y15zr spec 62

Y15zr spec 62

Y15zr spec 62
In the underbone, or kapchai market, cost and value are of primary importance to most buyers. A margin of a few hundred ringgit can make the difference between the sales success, or failure, of such basic transport. While some may look at kapchais as little more than bicycle replacements — which they are, in some markets — there is a category of riders who insist on pushing the envelope on such small displacement, underbone machines. Manufacturers recognise this, especially in markets like Indonesia and Thailand, producing cc underbone sports machines. With the launch of the Honda RSRBoon Siew Honda has entered what is, for the company, a new market locally in cc supercub category. When Yamaha released the Y15ZR last year, it showed that it was serious about taking charge of the small-capacity bike market. With four kapchais alongside four scooters, Hong Leong Yamaha has a total of nine models in the under cc category. While this is not an out-and-out comparison test, this review will serve to highlight the main differences between each model, with each supercub standing on its own merits. Physically, on the first approach, both machines are similar in size, with the Y15ZR standing a little shorter in the saddle, but not enough to make a real difference. In the engine room, the Y15ZR carries a Numbers for the Honda RSR are almost the same, with a As can be seen, on paper, the two bikes put out virtually the same performance numbers, but trust us when we say both supercubs have very different characters. This does not mean that one is better than the other, but either bike will appeal to riders with differing riding styles. In terms of physical riding position, both bikes are almost identical, with the RSR having a slightly turned-in slant to the handlebars. The higher seat height of the RSR places the rider in a more upright position. Riding off on the Y15ZR, clutch engagement was precise and quick. A soft click of the lever into first, and the clutch was positive, allowing the Y15ZR to accelerate quickly. At second and third, there was a slight buzz in the handlebars. Footpeg placement is about right, placing the feet in a neutral position. Launching into corners, the Y15ZR displayed good manners, and its quick acceleration, rowing through the five-speed gearbox, was a plus, with positive engagement.

Y15zr spec 62 hp

Nothing can be better than riding a fast underbone in Malaysia. The performance that this bike provides is outstanding. The cc engine is tuned to produce 15 horses, which is an absolute breeze to ride. The throttle response is also quick and precise as per my experience. The power figure is enough to make this beast achieve triple-digit speeds with full throttle. I am sure if this bike gets the sixth gear, it would stress less on high speeds. Talking about the safety, you get disc brakes on the front as well as the rear wheel. Y15ZR is available in four colours. I would call the Yamaha Y15ZR a moped because of its design. But when you ride it, you will realise it is not exactly a moped but far more powerful than you would normally consider it to be. It is driven by a cc engine that produces a good power of over 15 bhp. It also has big wheels, which Read More. While the other cub class bikes look very utilitarian and staid in terms of design, that is not the very same case with the Yamaha Y15ZR. For a cub class bike, the razor sharp and angular design with upswept tail design of the Y15ZR is something which looks edgy. I love my Yamaha Y15R. I have been riding it for nearly a year now, and I have no complaints. The performance and riding confidence this bike provides is just outstanding. Its cc power unit gives out 15 hp, which is enough to achieve a triple-digit speed figure. I tell you it is a complete breeze to ride. The Read More. Bleed blue with Yamaha Y15zr if you are searching for a stylish, modern yet comfortable ride! It delivers a super smooth and comfortable performance at an affordable price. For the last few months, I have been using this moped and till date I have not faced any major complains or issues. Every time I go out for a long ride, Read More. The Yamaha Y15ZR has gained so much popularity in the market not because it looks stylish and modern, but because at the price at which it is offered, it delivers a smooth and comfortable performance. I have been using this moped for a few months now and till date I have not faced any issue from this vehicle. I use Read More. A mere look outside and Good news for two-wheel lovers! The next generation Triumph Tiger is scheduled to launch sometime in April with as many as six variants and Yamaha had an earlier introduction

Harga spec 63 y15zr

By the numbers, the VF3i clearly stands head and shoulders above its supercub brethren, with However, in the gearing stakes, the Y15ZR has only a five-speed box, versus the six-speeders found in the other supercubs. As for braking, the VF3i comes out tops with a dual-piston calliper grabbing a mm diameter brake disc in front, compared to the mm diameter and dual-piston calliper on the RFSi. Meanwhile the Y15ZR and RSR are sized similarly in terms of brake disc diameter, clamped by a single-piston caliper. Click to enlarge. When it comes to fuel tank capacity, the VF3i comes with a 7-litre tank under the seat, which SYM says gives some km of range, whereas the rest of the field come with 4-litre fuel tanks. The RFSi wins out in the suspension stakes, with its 88 mm travel upside-down fork, the other supercubs using conventional telescopic forks. In the rear, a monoshock is standard, although the VF3i omits any sort of pre-load adjustment, a feature found in its competition. Odd one out in the area of warranty is Yamaha, with its 1 year or 10, km limit for the Y15ZR, with the rest of the supercubs offering a 2 year or 20, km warranty. So, dear reader, what do you think, based on the numbers? Which of these supercubs would be your pick? We will be getting our hands on the SYM VF3i for review soon, and will see how it does in the hands of our test riders. Most Read Stories.

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Standardization documents are developed and used for products, materials, and processes that have multiple applications to promote commonality and interoperability among the Military Departments and the Defense Agencies and between the United States and its allies, and to limit the variety of items in the military supply system. Standardization documents include:. This will provide you with the SMA point of contact within your organization who knows how to develop a standardization document following the procedures in DoD Manual Skip to main content Press Enter. Specifications and Standards. Federal Standardization Manual. Index of Federal Specs. Standardization documents include: Defense specifications, standards, and handbooks developed in accordance with the consensus procedures established by this manual. Commercial item descriptions CIDs and federal specifications and standards developed in accordance with the consensus procedures of the Federal Standardization Manual. NGS developed under the consensus procedures of private sector standards organizations.

Y15zr spec 65mm

Nk tnye ni. Kalau nak cerita modify, apa saja boleh dibuat. Tapi motor mahal mcm ni sayang nak modify, takut nanti warranty void panjang cerita. Harap ada rider lain sudi menjawab persoalan ni. One in a million org nak modify dari Manual ke Automatic Transmission. Secara teknikal, tak dpt dilaksanakan sebab set clutch auto melibatkan satu jaringan mekanikal daripada crank shaft ke auto clutch shoe seterusnya ke clutch, manakala manual clutch jaringan kuasa dari crank shaft terus ke clutch plate. Kalau banyak duit segalanya mungkin. Tapi mungkin kosnya tak berbaloi dengan penggunaan. Bagus laburkan kat tayar yang terbaik di pasaran. Brake lever utk brake depan tu mcm rasa fragile, mungkin boleh tukar dgn yg rigid sikit. Saya dlm proses memasang disk besar. Broo speed cut moto ni kt mana yee?? N bole whatapp x? Berminat na tHu sal moto ni laa Sorry lambat reply tuan Sama mcm setting Karburetor, kalau setting tak betul, engine boleh jadi "rich" atau "lean". Akibatnya, jangka hayat jentera tuan lebih pendek dari jentera org lain. Yup, range antara kmh. Kita tak tau set up kilang standard atau tidak. Bergantung juga berat rider. Saya punya belum dapat result lagi, dah 2 kali try tapi tak sampai, jalan kat sini pendek2. Akan cuba lagi sebelum tukar aftermarket exhaust dan ECU. Saya punya dapat kmh je Saya ok saja dgn top speed yg ada, jentera ringan kalau laju sgt pun bahaya Tuan Badrul Hisham Sila upgrade Needle Bearing segera. Lain-lain parts boleh dibiarkan standard. Sya pun ade masalah sama. Bunyi kt enjin kuat sgat. Mcm tepet. Tpi kuat sgat ade gegaran di enjin. Moto baru meter bru 4ribu.

Block 57 y15zr

Sy pkai v2. Carb rxz set pm n mj,blok ikk 62mm high cam cms,spring valve cms, ekzos stndard modified, spoket rkm Convoi mmg bez. Sentiasa di depan dan semakin ke hadapan. Pantang jnpa 2stoke msty bakat. Ade leyh bantu upgrade kew ape.? Boleh jugak potong head, n polish rumah engine. Bagi mesin ringan siket. Tuka ke magnet racing. Cdi racing yg support max rpm. Tp make sure gune rod n piston high performance kalau x boleh mendapat jugak nt. Betol bro. Mau2 dpt cab tzm ori mmg mengiurkan. Head kne kasi potong n modify. Salam bro. Nk tnye sikit psal sprocket ratio ni. Top speed dpt kmj gps tunduk abis. Lc sye dh modi sikit. Spring clutch yoshimura, spark plug ngk G power, exhaust leo vince gp corsa. Sye rsa mcm tak puas hati psal top speed die sbab dpt kmh je. Sye nak target utk dpt kmj pun dah cukup la. Perlu ke sye up sikit saiz sprocket tu ke saiz ? Harap dpt penjelasan bro. Sallam boskur untuk meter V3 standard mmng boleh dpt kmh kalau tunduk, kalau gps dlm kmh,ralat nak dekat 20kmh. Memang jahanom. Tapi tu dulu time aku langsung x tau pasal modi moto ni. Skang ni len cita ar, haha. Salam brosaya pakai lc v1 block fz ori carb nsr.

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Page of 96 Go. Page 48 Page 49 - General maintenance and lubrication char Page 50 Page 51 Page 52 Page 53 - Removing and installing the cowling and Page 54 - Checking the spark plug Page 55 Page 56 - Engine oil and oil filter element Page 57 Page 58 - Why Yamalube Page 59 - Coolant Page 60 - Cleaning the air filter element Page 61 - Adjusting the engine idling speed Page 62 - Adjusting the throttle grip free play Page 63 - Valve clearance Page 64 Page 65 - Cast wheels Page 66 - Checking the brake lever free play Page 67 - Checking the shift pedal Page 68 - Checking the front and rear brake pads Page 69 Page 70 - Changing the brake fluid Page 71 Page 72 - Cleaning and lubricating the drive chain Page 73 - Checking and lubricating the brake and c Page 74 - Checking and lubricating the centerstand Quick Links. Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 83 Troubleshooting charts Page 2 EAU Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. This manual should stay with this vehicle if it is sold. Buku panduan diberi bersama dengan pembelian motosikal. Page 4 Important manual information EAU Particularly important information is distinguished in this manual by the following notations: This is the safety alert symbol. It is used to alert you to potential personal injury hazards. Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury or death. Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of Yamaha Motor Co. Printed in Malaysia. Page 7 Table of contents Battery They contain important information for safe and proper operation of your vehicle. Never remove any labels from your vehicle. If a label becomes difficult to read or comes off, a replacement label is available from your Yamaha dealer. Page Safety Information Safety information EAUC Never operate a motorcycle with- pears to be very effective in reduc- out proper training or instruction. Beginners accident. Page 11 Safety information Many accidents involve inexperi- ed by road and traffic condi- Protective Apparel enced operators. In fact, many op- tions. The majority of fatalities from motorcy- erators who have been involved in Always signal before turning or cle accidents are the result of head in- changing lanes. When loading within this weight limit, All engine exhaust contains carbon keep the following in mind: Do not run engine outdoors where monoxide, a deadly gas. Breathing Cargo and accessory weight engine exhaust can be drawn into carbon monoxide can cause head- should be kept as low and close to a building through openings such

Pakej y15

Tk leh blah lh tmpt ni. RM block mds 62mm, racing cam x1r ni je dpt Solution Tukar Head Jer broo,sama mcm saya. Carb standet, head standet, enjin jahat sket. Pastu cdi n set spoket. Modal rm je. Boss I kerja singapore hari2 jarak i pergi kerja pergi balik km spec fz ok tha tahan tak??? Aku pakai cms t2, blok 62mm ,carb nsr 28mm, ejos uma rpm lambat bukak 7. Std v4, nak duduk sebelah mustahil ke? Mintak pendapat bos Boss nk tanye kalau spec fznk pakai cam ape ye sesuai? Ori cm fz or cam cms t2? Untuk block 57 boss. Boss sya pkai lcv1 blok size60, ape lg nk tukar kasi sedp. Skrg pegi je. Sya dah bwat set no Akhirnya berjaya katop meter alhamdulillah Thanks cuma apa yg diberi sya ubah sedikit bajet Salam bossku. Bl meter sampai motor jd macam tarik2 mcm minyak xcukup support. Post a Comment. YYpangCJ ipoh. Unknown November 27, at PM.

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We hope that Covid virus getting control and dissolve. Advance notification by phone is required. This Service only available at D5 Sentul Branch. Limited Period Only www. Link : www. Salam semua Yamaha R25 baru sebulan dah tukar ekzos akra buat chack up sihat ke tak. R25 YamahaR Salam semua nvx. Pagi ni ladynvx D5Dynolab ecushop airbox. Selamat pagi dan asalammualikum semua Macam biasa hari ini buka jam 9. Wsup n call allbike ecushop apitech umaM5. Selamat petang semua. Nang butinang betoi. Y15ZR spec 68 jack rod lagi. Dia kembali selepas dial cam semula. Asalammualikum Selamat petang panjangpormen motosihatpadu. Muka ada senyum hari tu tak boleh run hari dah selamat boleh bawa jalan jalan block Jemmmm sangkut hujan lebat gah kat pj ni harihujan sejuk Y15 r15 dyno petalingutama tamanmedan tmndatoharun selangor facbook. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Y15ZR spek Benelli rfs i cam cms 2 piston dom benellirfei freicommunitymalaysia D5 Dyno lab petaling utama Di buka jam 9. Lagenga Fi block 60 hp Y b 65 y15zr www. SZR Ada bran ke HA Crew Motorsports. Takina Ekzos Enterprise. Five Advanced Gloves Malaysia. Ah Lek Riboring. Ah Hong Motor Sdn Bhd. NKS Jalan Sentul. Carbon Pro. Al Isra Autocares. Miss Shortcakes. Daging Dendeng. V Power Motor Sdn Bhd. Overlander Kapchai Centre. Ikillzz Lin. HyperRide Car Rentals Malaysia. Ah Kit Car Spray. Y15ZR NAK MASUK BLOCK 62MM UMA RACING

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